[Wikipedia-l] On the uselessness of stubs

Tom Parmenter tompar at world.std.com
Wed Aug 28 01:19:11 UTC 2002

|From: Bryan Derksen <bryan.derksen at ualberta.ca>
|Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 17:49:45 -0600
|At 06:11 PM 27/08/02 +0100, Gareth Owen wrote:
|>Axel Boldt <axel at uni-paderborn.de> writes:
|> > I can't see any possible use for stubs.
|>I agree with everything Axel wrote in the above message.
|>Stubs are embarrassing.
|Hear hear! We say that Wikipedia is not a dictionary, and then we go and 
|have articles like [[Robert Braden]] and [[Ununpentium]] which would get 
|laughed out of any half-decent dictionary as practically useless.
|I think Wikipedia would be better served by having edit links pointing to 
|an empty page, rather than misleading people into thinking there's some 
|kind of useful information there.

Robert Braden's mother must be so proud.  

However, I stuck up for [[Ununennium]] in votes for deletion the other
day and even added a bit to it and I think it was useful information.
There will be an [[Ununpentium]] some day, for a microsecond, and
eventually it will pick up a better name, but in the meantime, it
seems to me that to understand the transuranic elements at all, you
have to understand that some of them don't exist yet.  But I'd have to
say that my article on [[Ununennium]] is much better than the one pn
[[Ununpentium]].  I did wonder, while writing it, how much is known
about a non-existent element before it exists, and suggested in my
Summary that someone more knowledgeable should take a look at it.

Tom Parmenter

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