[Wikipedia-l] Gesell

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Tue Aug 27 20:27:43 UTC 2002

Magnus Manske wrote:

> Ray Saintonge wrote:
>> I never heard of him before, but seems like an interesting person who 
>> influenced John Maynard Keynes, whom many people do respect as an 
>> economist.  His ideas of free land and free money are described in 
>> his principal work, "The Natural Economic Order", which is available 
>> on-line in English at http://ccdev.lets.net/neo/neo2.htm Perhaps 
>> somebody could translate the articles from the German Wikipedia
> I started translating Freiwirtschaft; I'd say it is a joke, but there 
> are several external links given. So either it is a really big joke, 
> or there really is such a thing. Weird. 

At the risk of seeming to beg the point, is it the German Wikipedia 
article which is the joke, or Gesell's economic theories.  Gesell 
certainly did live and write.  Whether right or wrong some people were 
influenced by him; he was even Minister of Finance in a breakaway post 
WWI independent Bavarian state.  That should at least get him an 
historical footnote, but perhaps not a statue in the Economists' Hall of 


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