[Wikipedia-l] On the uselessness of stubs

koyaanisqatsi at nupedia.com koyaanisqatsi at nupedia.com
Tue Aug 27 19:25:53 UTC 2002

New rule!  "We will have only [[brilliant prose]] on this site.  If you do not write brilliant prose, you may prefer to donate your time somewhere else, or perhaps spend your time sulking in the corner."

Or, as Charles Bukowski said (I was an English major, and so I took particular delight in this passage [recognizing more than a little truth in it]):

the only ones who can write is us.  nobody else can write but us.  we are the only ones who can write.  I don't understand why other people can't write.  send money.  send your wife--for one night.  we do this for love.
we hate war.  we like guitars.  we paint.  we swim.  we know everything.  the world is evil.  we are not evil.  send money.  we send love.  we send love everywhere.  send your girlfriend--for 2 nights.  don't pay your income tax.  blow up the troop trains.  smoke pot.  sell pot.  write your president.  write your gov.  write your mother for money and send it to us.  don't send your mother--at all.  literature and the world are in bad shape.  we are dying.  legalize rape.
no payment for poetry.
yours, love,
Charles Bukowski

In short: are stubs an embarassment?  Yes.  Should we try not to write them?  Yes.  Should we delete the ones we have?  No, just add to them when possible.  Alternatively, we might hire the Comic Book Guy to drop in periodically and say "worst article ever."  ;-)


You Wrote:
>Axel Boldt <axel at uni-paderborn.de> writes:
>> I can't see any possible use for stubs.
>I agree with everything Axel wrote in the above message.
>Stubs are embarrassing.

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