[Wikipedia-l] Undelete...

The Cunctator cunctator at kband.com
Tue Aug 27 18:30:14 UTC 2002

<lcrocker at nupedia.com> wrote:
> >Please undelete September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack/Give Blood and
> >September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack/World economic effects and
> >Wail Alshehri.
> I recovered the former, though I frankly don't see much useful
> about it.  I totally reject your "never delete information" idea.
> Quality is as much about what to leave out as what to put in.

I don't disagree. These entries were simply deleted very quickly. They
be up on Votes for deletion for a longer time than 4 hours. That's why I
that they be restored.

> I didn't see an article with the second title in the archive.
> There's one just titled ".../World economic effects", but it has
> no content at all.

Did it use to have content? Or did that entry just hit the ether and

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