[Wikipedia-l] Helga Jonat on [[Berlin]]

wojtek pobratyn wojtek.pobratyn at gmx.net
Tue Aug 27 06:14:53 UTC 2002

> Julie Hofmann Kemp wrote
> > Taken to an extreme, Helga's arguments could be used to prove that 
> > Iberia belongs to the Irish (choose a group of Celts) -- although 
> > she'd probably stop at the Visigoths, since they're Germans.
> >
> Now there's an idea!!  I believe that the Galicians were originaly a 
> Celtic people.  But there are also Galicians in Poland, so maybe Iberia 
> should be Polish. ... That or Ireland should be Polish.  :-D
> Eclecticology

Forget it. We want Hawaii!
(for the weather of course:-)

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