[Wikipedia-l] Deletion of Articles with No Content

Stephen Gilbert canuck_in_korea2002 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 27 00:46:44 UTC 2002

--- "Michael R. Irwin" <mri_icboise at surfbest.net>

> It seems like silly makework to me.
> The article will be recreated again anytime anyone
> clicks on one of the links leading to it.
> If it is a good title then it is an invitation
> for anyone who encounters it to add to it.

Here's the situation. Pretend Wikipedia had not
article on, say, the Protestant Reformation. Someone
follows a link to the empty article, edits the page
and types "sadlhfhg". Now, when someone is reading
another article with a link to the Protestant
Reformation, it looks like we have an article. If they
don't visit the page, they won't know that there's
actually no article. If, however, the Protestant
Reformation page was deleted, people will see empty
links and think, "Hmmm... we should really have
something on that topic."

Also, having existing but empty articles breaks the
functionality of pages like "Most Wanted".

Stephen G.

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