[Wikipedia-l] Helga

Poor, Edmund W Edmund.W.Poor at abc.com
Mon Aug 26 19:59:59 UTC 2002

We should not "stop" her; rather, we should neutralize her writings. Write things like:

	Some advocates blame the Daily Express article for starting the war, although most historians agree that...

I'm not sure what goes in the ellipsis, but my point is, there is nothing wrong with Helga's views that attribution can't fix.

Look what I've done with the Arab-Israeli Conflict articles: Palestine, Palestinian, Palestinian homeland, etc. There hasn't been an outbreak of edit war in nearly 2 weeks, which is epochal in terms of internet time.

I bet if I start following Helga around, I can neutralize anything she says faster than she can say it; I can type 80 words a minute, and my English is superb. I am offering up to 5 hours per week to this end.

All I need is the ability to track "all articles written by a single IP", so that when she forgets to log in I can still see her contributions. Or maybe Jimbo can give her a parole condition: if she agrees to contribute only while logged in, we won't ban her.

I didn't realize people were so upset with Helga. I may have made a mistake in encouraging "H. Jonat" to stay in the first place. But she hasn't threatened anyone with physical violence, and she is answering Jimbo's e-mails. I say, teach her the norms of the community rather than exile her.

Ed Poor

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