[Wikipedia-l] Deletion of Articles with No Content

The Cunctator cunctator at kband.com
Mon Aug 26 18:05:46 UTC 2002

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From: "Ray Saintonge" <saintonge at telus.net>
> My compliments to User 0 who did his work on June 16.  Now only
> Flagstaff is simply a city in northern Arizona and nothing more.  The
> fact that I'm enterring Flagstaff into the debate may very well lead to
> something being written about it, but that's only one article.  How many
> more useless stubs are there which appear in links as written?  They
> just promote a false sense of confidence that they do have content.  I
> agree with Vicki on this.  No article is often better than a useless
> article.

I agree to the point where I dissuade people from creating stubs. I disagree
it comes to the question of deleting stubs. I fall firmly on the "when in
don't delete". And the doubt here shouldn't be an individual's doubt, but on
the doubt of everyone. And in the case of stubs, there will always be doubt,
because the determination of "useless" is not objective.

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