[Wikipedia-l] Helga Jonat on [[Berlin]]

Fred Bauder fredbaud at ctelco.net
Mon Aug 26 13:18:07 UTC 2002

At 06:02 AM 8/26/02 -0700, you wrote:
>Jimmy Wales wrote:
>> Jens Frank wrote:
>> > Oh, I didn't want to suggest to denounce her, I just don't want
>> > Jimbo to be arrested when occasionally entering Germany ...
>> *grin* That's a very very good thing.
>Is it possible for the German government to arrest a U.S.
>citizen for supporting free speech on a server located 
>in the USA?  It would seem out of their jurisdiction.

Ok, the effort in Germany to suppress Nazi organizing is not about getting
people like Jimmy Wales. But active Nazi supporters in the United States
have been arrested upon arriving in Germany. It this necessary? The German
government thinks so and I happen to agree with them, but the threat of a
resurgence of Nazism is at least a remote possibility there. In the US we
have our own homegrown nonsense.

Our article on Nazism would probably be objectionable to the German
government giving rather complete voice to Nazi theories. I've edited on
that article but haven't really attacked the matter and remain unsure just
how to edit it. I don't think we have any obligation to provide a forum for
a full sympathetic rendition of this theory, but not setting such a thing
forth is doing a disservice to our readers.

As to Helga, I find her pathetic and embarassing, although my family is
long gone from Germany. I'm prepared to extend some sympathy, but my
experience with such folks offers little hope that she will do anything but
continue her pattern of disruptive behavior. I haven't really tangled with
her since I probably know more about [[Casper, Wyoming]] than about
[[Prussia]].  Casper is BTW my latest pathetic stub.


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