[Wikipedia-l] German anti-free speech law and Helga

Kurt Jansson jansson at gmx.net
Mon Aug 26 12:49:00 UTC 2002

> > There is also the
> > German Wikipedia to consider -- I somehow get the feeling that the
> > Wikipedia is just filled with her nonsense propaganda (smaller
project =
> > fewer contributors who can successfully confront and debunk her
"work" =
> > Helga has much more power to get her way).
> She is not that active on the German wiki as far as I can tell, but I
> know how to check for "User contributions" like it's possible in the
> wiki.

You can take a look at the testsite:

Unfortunately many old revisions have been deleted by the software, so
there will be missing some (or many?) of her edits. But it's true that
she's not very active on the German WP.

I'm more worried about someone who's been writing articles about Silvio
Gesell's theories about "Freiwirtschaft", "Freigeld", etc. (I don't know
the English expressions). It seems we don't have anybody with enough
experience in economic theories on board, so in my opinion there has
been too little critical dispute about it.

> At least, there are no articles on "Gdansk/Danzig" yet in the German
> wiki. This might change as soon as Helga is banned, of course.



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