[Wikipedia-l] German anti-free speech law and Helga

Jimmy Wales jwales at bomis.com
Mon Aug 26 07:02:00 UTC 2002

Daniel Mayer wrote:
> We should therefore /not/ even begin to consider banning anyone just
> because they are breaking such a law.

I agree completely.  Since the servers are in the U.S. and since I am
in the U.S. and it's impossible to come up with ideas that are illegal
to express here, I see no particular reason to even think about such
things.  Individual contributors living in countries with restrictions
on political speech may have their own concerns, of course.

I actually hope people will write things in the encyclopedia that are
illegal in some parts of the world.  As long as it's NPOV, that's
great.  I'm sure that there are some simple NPOV facts that are
illegal to express in China, and I hope that they can be expressed in
a Mandarin Wikipedia.

> Well intentioned reasoning -- the last thing we need is Jimbo behind
> bars ;).

:-) Well, I'd love to visit Germany someday, but I don't think they'll
throw me in jail for anything that Helga does.


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