[Wikipedia-l] Deletion of Articles with No Content

koyaanisqatsi at nupedia.com koyaanisqatsi at nupedia.com
Mon Aug 26 06:46:29 UTC 2002

Most of us don't bite, even when a user makes egregious mistakes (I've made more than my fair share).  Or, as it says somewhere, [[be bold in updating pages]].  :-)

oh, and yes, that was originally by Larry Sanger.


You Wrote:
>--- Toby Bartels <toby+wikipedia at math.ucr.edu> wrote:
>> FYI, it's [[Wikipedia:The perfect stub article]],
>> originally (it seems) an essay by Larry Sanger.
>OK, maybe I am getting to be less newbie-ish, because I just completely
>thrashed [[Wikipedia:The perfect stub article]], and I didn't ask
>anyone's permission first!  I hope what I did is an improvement that
>y'all can work forward from, rather than "reverting vandalism"  :-)

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