[Wikipedia-l] better MOVE documentation?

Karen AKA Kajikit kaji at labyrinth.net.au
Fri Aug 23 04:41:52 UTC 2002

koyaanisqatsi at nupedia.com wrote:
> Looking over [[Robert J. Flaherty]], I (mis?)remember a lot more being there than what I just wrote.  Maybe I'm confusing that with what was written about him at [[documentary film]].  Zoe expressed similar thoughts about [[The Wizard of Oz]].
> I don't know that either page has been moved (or where they would have been moved to) but wondering about it made me realize that the article move is essentially undocumented.
> Should we document the moving of a page from one location to another in the article's history?  e.g. create a new line in the history showing the time and user with an autogenerated comment like "article moved from [[IMDb]] to [[Internet Movie Database]]"?
> Is it something worth having?  And if so, would it be a fairly simple bit of programming, or would it require a mindbending hack equivalent to the first person's putting a stick through a wheel?

If that wasn't too hard to do it would be a fairly valuable piece of
information to have... 


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