[Wikipedia-l] Any suggestions for stopping Helga's latest onslaught...

Fred Bauder fredbaud at ctelco.net
Thu Aug 22 20:28:16 UTC 2002

At 01:21 PM 8/22/02 -0700, you wrote:
>       """"""    I wonder if she's heard of a certain senator from
>Wisconsin...  Jules

Interesting, when you write in green like that it doesn't come up for the
reply. Anyway, she's probably right about the Soviets fabricating evidence,
if indeed they had anything to do with the Nuremberg trials and rewriting
history was definitely one of their things. But it hardly matters; how much
more guilty could the Nazis be? And she's exaggerating about communinist
influence in the Truman administration, but not completely wrong. Problem
with her is she probably knows about squat about anything American (or
Soviet, for that matter). She's just repeating something she got from

So she paints with a broad brush in more or less a right direction, but is
clueless about the actual details.

I found another one of her things in the genocide article. She claims (or
someone very like her) that millions of Germans died after the war during
the resettlement from the eastern territories. I left it partly because I
know it was a rough time and perhaps a few people did die, but it all seems
pretty farfetched.

My only suggestion is an inquiry about where she's getting this stuff and
the details. But that is almost sure to fail since she won't be able to
provide them and expecting someone else to dig around and find em is pretty
hopeless, people who could aren't interested.


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