[Wikipedia-l] Acknowledgements

Magnus Manske magnus.manske at epost.de
Thu Aug 22 07:27:55 UTC 2002

I think Lee is on the right track with putting the credits in the 
*source* text, but displaying them not just as text, but elsewhere on 
the page.

Would a [[credits:Based on the work on that guy]] do (similar to the 
language links, which are no "real" namespaces as well), or would we run 
into problems with linking to internal or external sites from within the 
credits? Anyway, <credits> will do fine (yes, too much Episode I...).

Credits could be printed in a small font at the end of the article. On 
the "view" pages, there could be a link to "credits", which opens a new 
window (yes, popups are evil, but this might be an exception;). So, 
anyone who is interested in the credits will see where we give'em, and 
can read them; the others won't be bothered with yet more lines on their 
800x600 screen.


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