[Wikipedia-l] Where to put acknowledgements

Tim Marklew tmarklew at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 21 22:56:41 UTC 2002

I wrote:
>As far as I understand it, users of our material have to provide history of 
>contributors, and we suggest that they link back to our article to fulfil 
>this obligation.  Alternatively, there is nothing to stop them just copying 
>our history and use that instead, without linking to us (strictly, they may 
>not even have to credit 'Wikipedia' at all).
Looks like I was wrong here:  section 4J of the FDL *requires* giving the 
network location of previous versions of the document, so they would have to 
link back to the original text.  I think the Wikipedia:Copyrights page could 
do with changing to make that clearer.

Also note section 4K of the GFDL which requires preserving pre existing 
acknowledgements and dedications.

Tim (Enchanter)

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