[Wikipedia-l] wikipedia.org

Giskart giskart at linux.be
Mon Aug 19 20:38:19 UTC 2002

Brion VIBBER wrote:
> Another possibility is to have:
>   http://www.wikipedia.org/
>   http://www.wikipedia.com/
>   http://wikipedia.org/
>   http://wikipedia.com/
> merely be a static page that links to the various languages, while:
>   http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/*
>   http://www.wikipedia.com/wiki/*
>   http://wikipedia.com/wiki/*
>   http://wikipedia.org/wiki/*
> would go to the English to preserve existing links, while the canonical 
> urls for such would be:
>   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/*

Good possibility. I like it.

> Unless you'd prefer to move the meta wiki into the www.wikipedia.org 
> place and declare it to be multilingual. (Shudder)

Can still be done later. The problem is the lack of time. If you wait to 
long there are to many links to the new location of the english 
wikipedia that can not be broken. If there is no fundamental objection 
to put the English wikipedia at en.wikipedia.org then that must be done.
What to do whit www.wikipedia.org can wait (a littel.)


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