[Wikipedia-l] Imports from marxism.org

Poor, Edmund W Edmund.W.Poor at abc.com
Mon Aug 19 15:16:54 UTC 2002

I know this has been hashed out pretty thoroughly. Let me try to sum up, as well as put in my own 2 cents.

No one wants to import the entire Marxism encyclopedia at once.

Some people say, import a trickle. How frequently is an open question: 3 per hour? 2 per day?

Some advocates of importing say, prepend the phrase 'Marxist view of' to the title of each imported article. This would sidestep the NPOV issue -- maybe.

Jimbo points out that the biographies seem pretty good; it's mainly the concept articles that have a pro-Marxist slant.

My primary suggestion is: if anyone sees an article they like at marxism.org which doesn't have a name conflict with an existing wikipedia article, then just copy it. Assuming marxism.org is willing to let us do this.

Ed Poor

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