[Wikipedia-l] wikipedia.org

Giskart giskart at linux.be
Mon Aug 19 06:33:50 UTC 2002

Jaap van Ganswijk wrote:
> I think it should be:
> http://www.nl.wikipedia.org/
> http://www.be.wikipedia.org/
> http://www.pt.wikipedia.org/
> http://www.eo.wikipedia.org/
> etc.

I do not. I find it not a good idea to make a url longer if there is no 
good reasen for it. For those users that get confused if a url does not 
start whit WWW there can be a redirect form http://www.nl.wikipedia.org 
to http://nl.wikipedia.org. That is more than enough.

> I think that the english version should have two
> names:
> http://www.en.wikipedia.org/
> and
> http://www.wikipedia.org/

www.wikipedia.com can be a redirect to en.wikipedia.org
Just like nl.wikipedia.com to nl.wikipedia.org (and for the other 
wikipedia's also offcourse)
And http://www.en.wikipedia.org redirect to http://en.wikipedia.org

> Let's face it, English is the lingua franca on
> the internet!
Yes, but most English speaking nations are allready online. In following 
years many, many non-english users will com online. I think on china and 
so. I agree that English is more or less the lingua franca on
the internet for the moment. But for how long ? Nobody knows ...

> Otherwise we could make:
> http://www.wikipedia.org/
> to be the 'portal' to the subdomains, but in which
> language should it be?

That is my idea, www.wikipedia.org for presentation and information 
about the project. The education about the GNU/FDL-license. Things like 
that ...
The default language should be English. Only the English wikipedia has 
the resources to do that, the others are mutch to small at present. But 
whit the possiblity to change to a different if the there is a translation.

In the future, when there is need for mony, the .com domain can possibly 
be used  for a readonly-wikipedia whit advertisment.


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