[Wikipedia-l] wikipedia.org

Giskart giskart at linux.be
Sun Aug 18 21:58:57 UTC 2002

Stephen Gilbert wrote:
>>At the same time of a possibel switch and the
>>creation of the non-proffit organisation it is a
>>good time for considering to use the domain
>>www.wikipedia.org as the website for this
>>non-proffit organisation en general information and
>>promotion for all the Wikipedia's.
>>The English Wikipedia can use en.wikipedia.org
> The problem with that suggestion is that it would
> break thousands of links across the web.

Are you sure ? If there can be a redirect form 
www.wikipedia.com/a_articel to www.wikipedia.org/a_articel like it is 
now done it must be no problem to point www.wikipedia.com/a_articel to 

There are thousands of links to www.wikipedia.com but not (yet) to 
www.wikipedia.org . That is the reasen why it is now the time to think 
about this.


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