[Wikipedia-l] More on marxists.org

Fred Bauder fredbaud at ctelco.net
Fri Aug 16 19:07:48 UTC 2002

Jimbo wrote:

>I have done a good deal more reading on their site, and I find that
>virtually none of their material even comes close to NPOV.  It's
>filled throughout with standard Marxist jargon -- which is very out of
>the mainstream and treated (properly!) by most economists in the same
>way that astrology is treated by psychiatrists

It isn't even standard Marxist jargon, it's Trotskyist jargon. That said
though it's no worse than Ayn Rand stuff.

However, having observed people, in all innocence, reinvent Stalinism from
time to time, knowledge of Marxist theory belongs somewhere even if not as
the main theme of an article of economics.


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