[Wikipedia-l] Re: Inflammatory language (Ark)

Julie Hofmann Kemp juleskemp at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 15 15:46:10 UTC 2002

Mirwin writes:

I volunteer to try to help Ark find some substantiating data, opinion,
suspicions, etc. for the controversial material while also attempting to
discredit Ms. Hoffman's and others sources and materials .... not note,
Ms. Hoffman.

Fun stuff!  It is not often one acquires an opportunity
to attack academia's material in one last desperate attempt
to help truth triumph over the weight of historical 
neglect, outright revision or wishful thinking

Jules (whose middle name, not last name is Hofmann with one F, two Ns)

First, Steven Gilbert's suggestion is the tried and true one for dealing
with rabid, one-sided, and inflammatory editors.  At the moment, Ark is
just acting irrationally and unpleasantly.  Frankly, I think he's enough
of an ass that he bothers me personally very little.

Second, and more importantly, Mirwin suggests "discrediting" sources and
materials.  Since when did this become a place to put primary research?
Attacking the mainstream is definitely POV, Mirwin -- and in no way
acceptable.  Perhaps you meant you wanted to help Ark find sources that
supported the outrageous claims he's been posting as truth.  This is
something we'd ALL like to see, I'm sure, since then we could have an
article that said something along the lines of "Case X has long been
accepted as the norm for this subject; however, many researchers now
believe Case Y, based on sources 1,2,3."    That type of article which
resolves controversy not by taking sides, but by explaining the
arguments and leaving the judgement to the reader, is what we've pretty
much always done.


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