[Wikipedia-l] Feature request/Information request

lcrocker at nupedia.com lcrocker at nupedia.com
Thu Aug 15 05:23:39 UTC 2002

> My problem is this: I have several pages in my watch list that
> have become redirects since I started watching them. I want
> those pages off my watch list.  The only way I know how to get
> a page off my watch list is to go to that page and click the
> "Stop Watching" link.  But when I try to go to a redirect page,
> I get redirected before I have a chance to stop watching.  So
> what should I do?

Yes, working with redirects is less than obvious.  When you are
redirected by one, the page you see will have a line right beneath
the title saying "(Redirected from Xxx...)", which is a link to
the redirect page itself.  Click that, and you'll be able to edit
the redirect, unwatch it, whatever.  You can also manually add
"&redirect=no" to the URL of a page.

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