[Wikipedia-l] Re:Junking Spanish Wikipedia?

Lars Aronsson lars at aronsson.se
Wed Aug 14 18:44:36 UTC 2002

Daniel Mayer wrote:
> I now agree completely. I vote for keeping es.wikipedia.com, load the new
> software and then run the two projects side-by-side for at least a few
> months. If activity doesn't  improve much /then/ and only then should we even
> consider closing the Spanish Wikipedia.
> We above all else must respect those that still contribute to our Spanish
> wiki. Besides as someone already said, we can port the EL stuff to our wiki
> since they use the same license (<hint> I will help with this myself as soon
> as Lee's excellent new software gets installed </hint> --- but please don't
> ask me to help with the translations; its been so long since I've used it
> that my written Spanish is down-right embarrassing).

It is my opinion that the fork was due to a misunderstanding, which
still seems to prevail.  It might in part be explained by the fact
that the Sevilla people aren't quite fluent in English.  Given their
current misconceptions about Bomis and Wikipedia, any attempt to copy
their articles to the Spanish Wikipedia without first talking to them,
would probably only strengthen their opinion about these arrogant
American imperialists.  Is that what you're proposing?

I'm no part of this.  But I suggest Jimmy get on speaking terms with
Juan "Junanan" Antonio Ruiz Rivas, who runs the Sevilla server.  Hire
an interpreter if necessary.

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