[Wikipedia-l] Ark (an Old Testament concept)

Poor, Edmund W Edmund.W.Poor at abc.com
Wed Aug 14 16:07:24 UTC 2002

I admit to being prejudiced in favor of user:Ark because his name sounds so cool. I'll try not to let that sway me, though, because I believe "plays well with others" also just as important as having a cool name. Maveric is pretty cool, too. Makes me think of detective shows or Westerns...

I've pretty much said all I have to say on the subjects I know about. I was surprised and dismayed to find out how quickly the fountain of my inexhaustible knowledge was drained dry. Being unable to write, I now edit (grin).

I do seem to have a knack for making peace. I'd better, since the Unification Church changed its name to the "Family Federation for World Peace" a few years ago. How to reconicile warring parties is high on the agenda. It starts with reconciling brothers.

Pray for me.

Ed Poor

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