[Wikipedia-l] Karl's question on the German wiki

Julie Hofmann Kemp juleskemp at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 14 03:27:14 UTC 2002

After Helga's latest nonsense on Copernicus (for my flaming  response to
which I now apologize), I looked again at her entry in the German
wikipedia.  It's pretty much everything she tried to put on the English
wiki, but since no one ever mentioned  the Poland thing, it just looks
like a weak article.   What she says on the talk page, however, is
pretty ugly.  She pretty much says that we (face it, I'm pretty sure she
means me, although perhaps I am sensitive) have tried to suppress the
truth, and asks a series of questions about our motives that would make
any conspiracy theorist proud.  I left an answer in my awful written
German  saying that it was a misrepresentation and inviting English
speakers to read the article for themselves and give an opinion.   At
least, I hope that's what I said -- I read German much better than I
speak it these days.  I have as yet refrained from saying what I think
about her on either site, but am currently so annoyed, I will do it
here.  Apologies in advance, but I will now vent.  Sie ist eine bloede,
dumme KUH.


Julie Hofmann Kemp 

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