[Wikipedia-l] Junking Spanish Wikipedia?

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Tue Aug 13 23:40:28 UTC 2002

Ray Saintonge wrote:
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> Axel Boldt wrote:
> The Enciclopedia libre at http://enciclopedia.us.es/ is much larger
> and more active than the Spanish Wikipedia at http://es.wikipedia.com/

That is a fact.

> I think we should junk our Spanish Wikipedia, provide a link to their
> site on our main page (they probably don't like to be called
> Wikipedia, so we could simply say "non-English sister projects") and
> have our interwiki links point to them rather then to the Spanish
> Wikipedia.

That would be *very* unfair and a insult to the people who work on the 
Spanish Bomis-wikipedia. That Wikipedia is active;
If it would be a dead Wikipedia things would be different.
The fact that it is smaller is not a reason to junk it.

Every Wikipedia is autonomous to do things like the seem fit in general.
But I see the Bomis-Wikipedia's as a part of a federation. Some ways of 
doing things my vary from wikipedia to wikipedia but the are all from 
the same family. The preferd partner must always be a fellow Wikipedia 
and not a foreign pedia.

> P.S. I would assume that over time, other international Wikpedias will
> prefer to operate out of their own countries, to improve connection
> speeds and gain more contol, and I don't see anything wrong with that.

Only that if you exclude some fellow-wikidpia the "international 
Wikpedias" would likely be soon no "Wikipedia" anymore. ("international 
Wikpedias" -> does this mean there is also a national Wikipedia ? )

A great thing of Wikipedia is the global aspect. Please do not blow it.

giskart, Dutch Wikipedia

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