[Wikipedia-l] do not send anything to Intlwiki-L !

mllnzeyclymq at spammotel.com mllnzeyclymq at spammotel.com
Tue Aug 13 21:48:58 UTC 2002

It is not my day.
Yesterday I want to send a posting to Wikitech-L.
1ste i post - nothing, not even a bounceback-mail
2th the same
Today i do it again , posting 3th and 4th - nothing
OK - seems to be a problem whit that mailinglist.

I send it to Intlwiki-L.
And now i do get responds, and how ! Sombody's Auto-replay is sending 
many postings to the list.

DO NOT SEND any new postings now to that list.
Look at it here; 

I have send already a mail to the person listed in the auto-replay 
asking to please switch the auto-replay off.

I wil now repost my question again now in this list, i hope it wil work. 
  -- giskart

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