[Wikipedia-l] Making redirects out of bad page names

Karen AKA Kajikit kaji at labyrinth.net.au
Mon Aug 12 23:41:27 UTC 2002

tarquin wrote:
> Ray Saintonge wrote:
> > Exactly!  The [[06-05]] alone was taken out of context.  The redirects
> > allow the ISO long format to work, and at most there will only be 366
> > such redirects.  Multiple ways of doing things can be great, if you
> > keep a few things in mind.
> >    1. Don't expect anybody else to do things your way.
> >    2. It is grossly impolite to change anybody else's work in an
> > article to fit your way of doing things.
> >    3. Make the necessary redirects or other adaptations that will
> > allow your way to function in a context of Wikipedia orthodoxy.
> >
> I think on dates we should be strict on a single house style. The
> established formats for dates are:
> [[June 6]]
> [[June 6]], [[1980]]
> the [[1980s]]
> the [[19th century]]
> It would be cleaner if all dates were edited to look like one of those.
> Adding redirects to suit everyone's taste will be confusing.

You CANT redirect them all anyway, because half of them conflict with
each other... 


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