[Wikipedia-l] Marxists.org

Jimmy Wales jwales at bomis.com
Mon Aug 12 20:35:20 UTC 2002

The fine communists over at marxists.org have approached me about the
possibilities of sharing content.  They have a lot of content that's
under the GNU FDL, and they've expressed an interest in putting it
into the wikipedia.

I was brutally honest with them about my own personal opinion of
Marxism, which is quite low, and they were more pleasant to me in
return than I deserved.  I recommended that they subscribe to this
list to chat about how best to put their stuff into the wikipedia.

I recommended that they might want to add just a few articles a day
for as long as it would take, rather than dumping everything in at
once.  This would give people a better chance to respond.

They appear to be interested in non-bias, and to understand that
people would want to make modifications in order to make things
satisfactory to a wide audience.  They appear to have a genuine
interest in contributing solid knowledge.

I'm just saying this now to invite everyone to go take a look at
their site, so that we can have intelligent comments for them.


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