[Wikipedia-l] Making redirects out of bad page names

tarquin tarquin at planetunreal.com
Sun Aug 11 19:38:08 UTC 2002

Something to consider mentioning on 
http://www.wikipedia.com/wiki/Wikipedia%3AHow_to_use_redirect_pages :

Someone's just made a ton of redirects along the lines of

[[06-05]] ---> [[June 5]]

The only page that links to [[06-05]] &co is [[List of British Columbia 
Premiers]]. I think it would have been preferable to edit the text on 
that page: for dates there is a clearly-established house style.
If articles seek to link to dates like "July 24th", the text should be 
edited, rather than have a slew of redirects for all imaginable date 
In general, badly-formed links should be fixed directly, rather than 
throwing another redirect page in.

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