[Wikipedia-l] Is nowiki broken?

lcrocker at nupedia.com lcrocker at nupedia.com
Thu Aug 8 02:34:56 UTC 2002

>> Well, it's either broken or fixed, depending on your point of
>> view.  I was convinced by requests in the bug tracker that the
>> "right" thing to do was not parse HTML inside nowiki blocks.
>> If you want to hide something on your user page, put it in HTML
>> comments: <!-- like this --> (and comments can't span lines, BTW).

> I'm not sure whether the spambots will find them if they are
> commented out. I just turned them into two single-nbsp links;
> I'm not sure how to make them more invisible.

Text within <!-- --> comments is totally removed before rendering,
and will not appear in the served page as a comment.

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