[Wikipedia-l] Short notes re: Eclecticology's and Kurt's messages

Julie Hofmann Kemp juleskemp at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 6 16:59:49 UTC 2002

Hi Eclecticology -- thanks so much for the nice note -- it made me feel
ever so appreciated and glad I went back to teaching!  By the way, you
have a very cool last name -- is it from one of the Low Countries?

Kurt -- I looked at some of Helga's stuff on the German wikipedia.  I'm
not sure what you think, Kurt, but my opinion is that her stuff is much
less controversial.  Perhaps she doesn't think the Truth is being hidden
from Germans? She writes more fluidly in German, too - no surprise
there, but it also isn't IMHO ''korrektes Hochdeutsch''.   Knowing that
she has problems with grammar and spacing in her native language makes
me somewhat more charitable towards her English.  

It would be great if a couple other German speakers -- especially
natives -- could also look.


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