[Wikipedia-l] Protected Copernicus as Ermland Administrator and the Prussian Coin Reform

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Mon Aug 5 16:21:55 UTC 2002

>On 04-08-2002, Jeroen Heijmans wrote thusly :
>>I've just protected the page Copernicus as Ermland Administrator and the 
>>Prussian Coin Reform, because Danny and Helga are adding and deleting 
>>the contents back and forth. Although I think Danny is right in his 
>>actions, I want it to be sorted out on the talk page instead of having 
>>this constant editing. If I was wrong to do so, simply undo it, and I 
>>will not do this again.
I see that protecting a page to stifle debate as an abuse of sysop 
status.  At present this is a blank page, and that makes the protection 
even more silly.  If people want to continue the debate they can do so 
by simply restarting the whole debate under a slightly different title 
that respects the Wikipedia policy about capitalizing words in an 
article title.

And what do opinions about the Polish Communist government have to do 
with Copernicus in the 16th century.


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