[Wikipedia-l] policy suggestion: SAMPA

Jaap van Ganswijk ganswijk at xs4all.nl
Mon Aug 5 17:00:26 UTC 2002

At 2002-08-05 17:03 +0100, tarquin wrote:
>Paper encyclopedias expect their readers to learn the order of the letters of the alphabet. Learning SAMPA is relatively simple. While the table on [[SAMPA]] is increasingly complex, there is a shorter version on a sub-page which a link like [[pronounced]] should direct readers to.
>It's a small effort to learn, for a large gain afterwards.

Unlike what is possible in a paper encyclopedium,
why not add a small wav file of someone
pronouncing the word correctly?

Some weeks ago I tought my mother how to add
the pronunciation of some of the words to her
Esperanto course (which is in Dutch):


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