[Wikipedia-l] Link Syntax

Jaap van Ganswijk ganswijk at xs4all.nl
Mon Aug 5 15:30:49 UTC 2002

At 2002-08-05 10:40 -0400, Poor, Edmund W wrote:
>I agree with using curly braces to hide part a link:
>+ put on the [[{One }Ring]]
>= put on the [[One Ring|Ring]]
>Shown as: put on the _Ring_
>We could also use a second pipe character to delineate what we DO WANT TO SHOW, as follows:
>+ bought an [[|English| language]] textbook
>= bought an [[English language|English]] textbook
>Shown as: bought an _English_ textbook
>+ put on the [[One |Ring|]]
>= put on the [[One Ring|Ring]]
>Shown as: put on the _Ring_
>+ called [[George |W|. Bush]]
>= called [[George W. Bush|W]] during the campaign
>Shows as: called _W_ during the campaign
>What do you all think?

I wouldn't introduce yet another form of bracket
besides (), [], {} and <>. Just figure out which
of these you can use. Also consider using one of
the quotes: '' "" ``.

I would refrain from using characters in the ASCII
set that may have different meanings in non-English
languages. As far as I know all the characters
32..95 are the same in all the sets.


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