[Wikipedia-l] Parsing TeX

Toby Bartels toby+wikipedia-l at math.ucr.edu
Mon Aug 5 05:58:30 UTC 2002

Lee Daniel Crocker (?) wrote:

>Formulas should be seen as "inclusions", so I prefer the [[math:
>syntax overall.  The software should look at the formula inside
>the brackets, and choose how to output it.  In particular, if it
>detects Mozilla it should output MATHML instead of calling TeX.
>Maybe if it's just a variable name, it could just output a <var>.

That would be nice if the system could be that intelligent.
This would work if we parsed the material before passing it to LaTeX,
which perhaps we should do anyway for security reasons.

-- Toby Bartels
   <toby+wikipedia-l at math.ucr.edu>

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