[Wikipedia-l] The meta-tree

tarquin tarquin at planetunreal.com
Sat Aug 3 13:33:26 UTC 2002

hi all.
What I had in mind is vaguely starting to take shape -- maybe you can 
now all get an idea of what I've been rambling about ;)

After trying "presentation conventions" and "content conventions" I've 
decided to call the whole kaboodle the "Meta-Tree". (it's short and more 
descriptive than the previous two names)

I've copied across the details of chemical elements and the tree of life 
and a few others for starters. I still haven't worked out exactly how to 
present everything on individual pages.
I would very much appreciate comments & suggestions.
If you know of any "Basic topic"  pages, or pages that set out 
presentation ideas (like the one on French Departements -- but got that 
one :)  that are hidden somewhere on the 'pedia, please feel free to 
copy the refactor the contents into the tree somewhere.

The main way in is currently:

I anticipate that in the polished version the old [[Naming Conventions]] 
will still exist, and point into pages on the tree that add further 
naming guidelines.
A master page of Wiki Projects would do the same.


BTW, is there an easy way to link to meta- from main? If not, I'll 
suggest [[meta:pagename]] and [[metatalk:paename]] on sourceforge

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