[Wikipedia-l] What a wiki table syntax needs to do to work with current table layouts

lcrocker at nupedia.com lcrocker at nupedia.com
Fri Aug 2 23:56:01 UTC 2002

> Here goes:
> [br=1,cs=0,al=r,cp=2||
> [al=c,bc=pink|                         ''Owls'''                   
> [al=c| Northern spotted owl |]
> [al=c,bc=pink| '''[[Scientific classification]]''' |]
> [|
> [al=c||
> [| [[Kingdom (biology)|Kingdom]]: || [[Animalia]] |]
> [| [[Phylum]]: || [[Chordata]] |]


> [| a simple table || with two columns |]
> [| and two        || rows             |]

The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that CSS is the way
to go.  It's not even a browser issue, really: browsers that can't
handle CSS probably can't handle the things it's being used for 
and by definition they lose no content, only style, so I think that's 
Your table syntax is nice if we really need nested tables, so adding 
style syntax (which requires relaxing the "start of line" requirement 
bit to skip over style tags that precede elements), we get:

{pink}[| '''Owls''' |]
{cent}[| Northern spotted owl |]
{pink}[| '''[[Scientific classification]]''' |]
[| [[Kingdom (biology}|Kingdom]]:   ||  [[Animalia]]   |]
[[ [[Phylum]]:                      ||  [[Chordata]]   |]



And hopefully, the stylesheet that defines {species}, {pink} and 
can be re-used by all the articles on different species, and different
specialized stylesheets can be produced for things like elements if
needed.  And exactly the same syntax is used for images, lists, 
and everything else.


{nobullets}* Item
* Item
* {red Item}

{smaller}== Major heading ==

{roman}# Item
# Item

Long excerpt from book, indented and italicized...


Of course, weaning wiki away from HTML will require a gentle 

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