[Wikipedia-l] Proposal for table syntax

koyaanisqatsi at nupedia.com koyaanisqatsi at nupedia.com
Thu Aug 1 12:03:57 UTC 2002

tarquin wrote:
>The key details are:
>* one cell per line (and not one row per line)
>* formatting information is seperate from data
>These both increase the clarity considerably. Someonoe who jsut wants to 
>edit the data can skip the header line, no matter how ugly and 
>comlicated it may be.

That also decreases the usefulness considerably.  One *cell* per line?  You couldn't organize data in columns--you couldn't have a piece of information with an explanation immediately beside it of what the information is, the way we have on the U.S. Presidents pages, the countries pages, the various tree of life pages....  You must have meant two, at least?


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