[Wikipedia-l] Why Wikipedia needs linkbacks

Hannes Hirzel hirzel at spw.unizh.ch
Tue Oct 30 11:01:47 UTC 2001

Thanks Magnus for this proposal. I would like to see a link to the FSF
GFDL included as well. If you include that in your proposition I would
second it.

Hannes Hirzel

On Tue, 30 Oct 2001, Magnus Manske wrote:

> On the PHP script (you knew I'd mention that again, right? ;) every article
> now has a link to its "printable version", currently without the logo and
> the links, just the article text, with a single line below it, stating the
> adress of both wikipedia and the article itself on the web.
> As people will prefer that version for printout (no links and other
> distracting stuff), the "paper linkback" should be solved by that.
> IMHO, that linkback table is a little overkill for people who only want to
> use a single article (or just a part of it). Thinking about it, how about a
> little button to append at the end of the text (like the Nupedia "N") that
> links back to wikipedia.com or to the article itself? Linking to
> wikipedia.com might be better in the long run, because we can give a
> one-line-source for the button that needs no change; and, people who follow
> the link will see what we have to offer *in addition to* that specific
> article (which they can find using search pretty easy).
> Also, a small button wouldn't ruin layouts, is smaller than even a text
> link, but can still be quite visible (how about a white W on black
> background?)
> Magnus
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