[Wikipedia-l] A proposal for the new software

lsanger at nupedia.com lsanger at nupedia.com
Thu Oct 18 22:12:09 UTC 2001

On Thu, 18 Oct 2001, Mark Christensen wrote:

> I generally think this is a good idea.  I'm not sure exactly how the system
> should work, but I propose something like adding 1 Karma Point (KP) for
> signing up with a username, and one more for every day you connect to the
> wikipedia after that (with the same username), and 2 KP for each day in
> which you've edited an existing article, and 3 Karma points for each day you
> add a new article.

I don't much like this sort of "scoring."  That will encourage competition
that isn't clearly in the interests of actually creating an encyclopedia.
I like the idea of just being "in" or "out."  Remember, the problem we're
trying to solve is simply to disempower vandals.  That's it.


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