[Wikipedia-l] A proposal for the new software

Michel Clasquin clasqm at mweb.co.za
Thu Oct 18 20:03:29 UTC 2001

On Thursday 18 October 2001 21:20, you wrote:
> I generally think this is a good idea.  I'm not sure exactly how the
> system should work, but I propose something like adding 1 Karma Point
> (KP) for signing up with a username, and one more for every day you
> connect to the wikipedia after that (with the same username), and 2 KP
> for each day in which you've edited an existing article, and 3 Karma
> points for each day you add a new article.
> Once you get up to 60 KP, you have basic privileges (Editing the home
> page and the like).
> Once you have  or so 100 KP you can block an IP address, user ID#, or
> user alias temporarily (24 hours).
> Once you have 200+ KP you can mark an article for deletion.  The article
> is not deleted for 24 hours, and is clearly displayed as MARKED FOR
> DELETION on the recent changes log if you have at least 150 KP.  Anybody
> with level 1 privileges can then check a "don't delete this" box on the
> article, and it will be unmarked for deletion.

It seems more complicated than what JW had in mind, and we can haggle 
about the exact nr of points, i suppose. But I like the idea of gradually 
gaining  more abilities (lets call it that rather than priviliges)

> I would recommend that the edit this page link just not appear unless
> you have privileges to edit that page.
> If you want to follow Michel Clasquin's suggestion that we also lock
> down the pages linked from the main page, I'd recommend that those pages
> be locked only for those with 4 or less KP, which means if you're logged
> in, and you created an article you can add a link to it from the
> appropriate portal page, since you have 1 KP for signing up, and 3 for
> adding an article.  

Or signed up and done 2 edits

Interesting idea. I've rethought the situation and we may need to 
differentiate here between the English and non-english wikipedias. The 
portal pages in the non-english wp's are often underdeveloped and may need 
less strict rules (for now) like you suggest here. But in the English wp 
most of the portals are well-developed and could use a higher level of 
protection IMHO.

>  I would actually recommend that there be a field in the data base which
> assigns the level of restriction on a page, so an administrator (or
> potentially anybody with a high enough KP) adjust the threshold for that
> page.  This would be useful if the there were repeated problems with a
> specific portal page.

Excellent idea Of course, I shouldn't be able to raise it to some 
ridiculous amount  to make it uneditable by anyone (even myself). Perhaps 
up to my KP - 1?

One more thing: I would very much like my KP to be between me and the 
software, not publically available. We don't need people to start doing 
millions of minor edits and putting up a KP counter on their homepages! 
Rather start getting new abilities automagically and almost without 
noticing it. In fact, really without noticing it in a lot of cases, I'm 

Michel Clasquin, D Litt et Phil (Unisa)
clasqm at mweb.co.za/unisa.ac.za   http://www.geocities.com/clasqm
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