[Wikipedia-l] Wikipedia development

Anders Törlind anders.torlind at bredband.net
Fri Oct 5 12:08:34 UTC 2001

Hi all!

As you might have been noticing, the 'pedia is feeling a bit under the 
weather, so i thought i could help out magnus Manske a bit with the new 
code. So here comes a couple of questions for Magnus, the reply of which 
might prove interesting for more people than me i hope :-)

1. How does one go about with the CVS download from Sourceforge?

2. Is there a design specification, so one might get an overview of how 
the code hangs together?

3. How do you get it up and running on your home installation of Apache?

4. Is there any special area that needs attension?

and last but not least

5. Where do I get hold of the best PHP tutorial/documentation on the net :-)


/Anders Törlind

ps. If this topic has already been discussed today, i apologize: I just 
set my subscription off digest... ds

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