[Wikipedia-l] intlwiki-l: making Wikipedia fully international

lsanger at nupedia.com lsanger at nupedia.com
Thu Oct 4 07:20:45 UTC 2001

You might be aware that on Nupedia's interpret-l list there have been
discussions afoot to make Nupedia fully international.  Efforts in this
direction have already begun, I'm happy to say.

We also want to support more fully Wikipedia's efforts to write (and/or
translate) encyclopedias in a huge variety of languages.  Right now, for
example, the "French Wikipedia," http://fr.wikipedia.com/ , still has the
navigational links in English (words like "Home Page" and "Recent Changes"
are in English).  We want to change that sort of thing very soon, with
your help.  We also want to add "Wikipedias" in some other languages that
we're now missing--we'd like your input on which ones we need to add.

I and I'm sure many others would like also to get reports on how the
Wikipedias in non-English languages are proceeding.  We'd also like people
at work on those wikis to have a place where they can feel free to ask
questions and get advice.  So, we've set up intlwiki-l as a place where
all that business can be conducted.  You can subscribe here:


Let's get started!


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