[Wikipedia-l] wikipedia server software availability enquiry

Peter Lofting lofting at apple.com
Tue Oct 2 20:05:10 UTC 2001

At 6:04 PM +0200 10/2/01, Michel Clasquin wrote:
>Larry is going to blacklist me for even suggesting this, but this might be
>a case where subpages are not such a bad idea ...
>But may I suggest that even if you decide to go with your own wiki, you
>upload the evolving standard to wikipedia once a month or so? Perhaps with
>a message noting that editing it on the wikipedia will be a fairly futile
>effort, since you will be overwriting it once a month, and if they want to
>contribute they should contact you. That way your team could develop it
>without interference  from the yahoos, and wikipedia would still have the
>advantage of  making the information available.

Thanks for the suggestion. Its early days yet and by no means a done 
deal. I need to set up demos and get consensus in our project team 
before we make a decision.

Best wishes


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