[Wikipedia-l] Discussion list for Wikipedias in all languages

lsanger at nupedia.com lsanger at nupedia.com
Mon Oct 1 19:19:17 UTC 2001


If you're interested in discussing various topics related to the various
activities of all the different Wikipedias, please subscribe to INTLWIKI-L
at the above address.

In particular, I hope *all* the regular participants on the non-English
Wikipedias will join that list, as well as some people from the English
language Wikipedia, so that we can exchange notes.

Among the topics I would like to see raised:
* So, just how *are* those non-English language Wikipedias going?
* What needs to be done in order to make sure they're fully translated?
* What needs to be done to make sure the wikis in Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew,
Japanese, Korean, etc., are *fully usable*?
* Is there something we can do together effectively to help promote these
* What sort of inter-Wikipedia policies should we establish--if any?
* Different languages represent, necessarily, different *forks* in the
overall Wikipedia project.  Is this a good thing or a bad thing?  To what
extent, if any, would it be desirable to *encourage* the wikis to develop
quite separately--or, instead, together?


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