[Wikipedia-l] Making Wikipedia even more international

Robert Bihlmeyer robbe+wiki at orcus.priv.at
Mon Oct 1 13:19:50 UTC 2001

Michel Clasquin <clasqm at mweb.co.za> writes:

> You might want to talk to the FSF about that. The GNU licenses were't just 
> written off the top of Richard Stallman's head - they were checked and 
> double checked by some real lawyers - Eben Mugler, (sp?) and such. If one 
> of the translations doesn't *quite* carry  the same nuances as the 
> original, that could have major legal consequences.

(Eben Moglen is the name.)

You are right, but providing an unofficial translation couldn't do any
harm, I think. We're not the EU, so we can cop out and give the
English version full governance. See
<URL:http://www.gnu.org/licenses/translations.html>, note especially
the disclaimer in the first section, and the links to (unofficial)
translations of the GNU FDL.

Providing translated licenses would give people that understand no
word of English more insight into what we stand for.

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