[Wikipedia-l] Subpages

lsanger at nupedia.com lsanger at nupedia.com
Tue Nov 6 22:54:03 UTC 2001

I think we've discussed subpages quite a bit--certainly enough to air the
issues and give people a chance to state their views and change their
minds--and in view of this, I've decided to get rid of them.

Let me explain this decision--I'm done arguing for it, but of course you
are owed an explanation, since the issue has been very controversial.

Examining the various pages on which people have discussed them, it seems
there is at least a majority of people in favor of getting rid of them or
who are amenable to the idea of getting rid of them.  I think it's pretty
important, although perhaps not absolutely essential in every case, that
we at least not contradict majority opinion, when a consensus cannot be
arrived at.  The majority includes many old hands who have had more
experience with the problems associated with subpages than some of their
newer advocates, which I also think is important.  Finally, and probably
as importantly as anything else, my well considered opinion is that the
arguments in favor of getting rid of them are much, much stronger than the
arguments in favor of keeping them.  I predict yer gonna thank me in a
year.  (Maybe not *all* of you. :-) )

I'm going to put this up on a few relevant pages on the wiki.


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