[Wikipedia-l] PHP Wikipedia, Part 2

Magnus Manske Magnus.Manske at epost.de
Sat Aug 25 07:30:07 UTC 2001

Jason is activating php.wikipedia.com for the script to test, which should
be working later today. So, soon you can flood me with bug reports ;)

Some points that were mentioned on the list while I was asleep:
- Larry, I don't oppose CVS as such, I just thought why bother...
  So, I wouldn't mind a CVS at all.

- Edit locks : I thought they'd protect a page that is edited for a certain
time, e.g., 5 minutes, so there won't be two edits of the same text at the
same time. Now that I know it's only for writing, I am glad to not have
wasted time in implementing such a thing in my script ;)
  The MySQL server will take care of the write-at-the-same-time problem, for

- /Talk pages : Changing the standard text for new documents so they'd have
a /Talk page should do it, right? I could also have the parser look for
"/Talk" and append it if necessary in a "top-level" article.

- Conversion to SQL format : The easiest way I can think of is a script that
goes through all articles in the current wikipedia and generates a complete
article text in chronoligical order (oldest first). After each "version" is
generated, a variant of my script can store it in the DB. That would ensure
identical data. Anyone to write a "generation" script?

- Lame names : How about "Aide-Pikiw" (wikipedia spelled backwards)? That
must be the lamest, for sure? ;)


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